Play Wizard 101


For those players that enjoy the magic and lore of wizards, as well as interaction with other people, Wizard 101 is an ideal MMORPG adventure.  The player creates an avatar and completes an in-game questionnaire that suggests the type of wizard that most closely matches the personality of the player.  The seven wizard types are Fire, Storm, Ice, Balance, Life, Myth, and Death.  Through their avatar, the player follows this path by entering the primary schools of wizardry that was indicated by the questionnaire.  By training and finishing assigned quests, the student wizard acquires various spells related to their chosen school.  These spells are indicated by cards in the player’s inventory.  The spell cards show the statistics involved in their use, such as the amount of damage they will do, as well as any other affects that it will have when cast against an opponent.


 The effects include causing the opponent to lose a turn or lessening the effect of the opponent’s spells against the player.  Most of the quests involve finding and destroying evil creatures such as trolls.  The player can battle these foes alone or attack as a group.  The player can also choose to do one-to-one battles against other players.  All of the battles are fought by the combatants taking turns casting spells against each other.  On their turn, the player clicks on the card representing the spell they choose to cast. The cast spells are shown with colorful graphics and sound effects. 


As the player’s avatar progresses through their wizard training and complete quests, they increase their rank and acquire spells that are even stronger.  Of course, the foes also become more difficult.  There are even a lot of dungeons in the game where the players can battle through various groups of foes before finally facing off against the boss